Why use WYPlay!™?

Life is a stage, and so is the workplace…
A research conducted by HBR revealed that 98% of companies spend time and resources in identifying and developing high potential employees. High potentials are defined as Employees who consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances.
While achieving these superior levels of performance, they exhibit behaviours that reflect their companies’ culture and values in an exemplary manner. Moreover, they show a strong capacity to grow and succeed throughout their careers within their organization—more quickly and effectively than their peer groups do.
If behavioural skills essentially mean those that determine the interpersonal interactions at work, then there is no doubt that they are vital for success at work. Without them, one experiences conflicts with co-workers and managers, fails to get work done from teams and also experiences a drop in employee productivity.

Do you recognize this?

O rganizational behaviour refers to the way individuals and groups interact within and toward an organization. The combined behaviours create a company climate that can bolster or undermine an organization's success. Operating from within a company's system, both management and staff might have difficulty recognizing patterns of behaviour and also how profoundly those patterns can influence a company's performance. To make sure that influence is positive, leaders must help others grasp the importance of organizational behaviours so that everyone involved in a company's future can better understand and shape the internal conditions of an organization.

What has performing Arts got to do with Corporate training?

By adapting drama, music and visual art techniques, Performing arts can move an audience towards a state of mind that influences attitude and motivation, as well as develops behavioural skills.

The beauty of Performing Arts is that it creates a subtle learning atmosphere, while retaining the fun element and additionally creating an empirical instance for the team and its members. It is very effective because the results are almost real time/ immediate. Thus it creates an atmosphere of thinking, debate and learning in the participants. And what has thus been learnt will have a lasting impact!

WYN Play! will help the participants discover themselves, find their energy, and help them perform better in their respective roles. The experience will help them break their shackles and channel their energy and dedication toward their work.

WYN Play! is an active and participatory Performing Arts based training workshop that draws the participants out of their comfort zone and encourages them to interact, experience and explore a step beyond themselves, where they learn to effectively communicate, collaborate and perform better … All of this while having FUN!

How does it work?

We believe that there is no “one approach-fits-all” solution for workplace learning and performance. Hence each session is crafted for your team and its specific needs.
With prior intake session we assess the current state of the team / Organization, its culture, requirements and challenges. We then use the following guideline to tailor make a specific session for maximized Return on your Learning Investment.

WYNPLAY! Workshops are designed, developed and conducted by Performing Arts Veteran Mr.Alok Ulfat.

Alok Ulfat is an Indian film and theatre practitioner, director, writer and philanthropist.
With 17 plus years in the industry Mr. Alok Ulfat strives to empower individuals and Organizations with the most essential tool for living – The Self, with all its faculties. He strongly believes that a healthy individual with a clear consciousness can impart meaningful direction not just to one’s own life but also to others’.
He has studied speech & drama, teacher training at Emerson College, U.K.  He taught at National School of Drama (TIE) Delhi and has been associated with Film and Television Institute of India for 8 years. .He has taught and conducted workshops in India and Globally for 25 years.

Mr.Alok Ulfat

Key Learnings and Takeaways:

Expands Leadership Capacity

  • Helps people to build confidence & personality.
  • Helps people to take a step back and contemplate on important issues; Thus improves critical thinking, problem solving and decision making capacity.
  • Helps people to innovate their vision & direction for the Organisation thus improve effectiveness.
  • Employee develops a deeper connect with the Organisation, it’s vision and culture.

Enhances Wellbeing & Resilience

  • Enhances the environment of Joy & Happiness in the Organization.
  • Improves emotional resilience, stress management, happiness, and job satisfaction.And many more. What you get in effect is real people with real emotions and real expectations.

To borrow from corporate terminology, WYNPLAY! offers a 360-degree experience! We prefer to term it as a holistic experience, since it would address issues for both the individual and the team as a whole at a physical, intellectual and subconscious level.

Improves Performance & Collaboration

  • Brings the whole team together mentally & emotionally.
  • Helps to build in trust and ownership within teams & Clients.
  • Enhances strength in brain regions associated with focus, working memory, and executive function.
  • Encourages greater empathy and ease in relationships.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency for the Organization.
  • Helps people to bring in Innovation and Newness in their work.
  • Brings in creativity and spontaneity in people’s attitude.
Duration of the simulation : 4 hours , 1 and half day (Recommended)
Number of participants : 15 – 50