Why use UP IN THE AIR™?

This business simulation will teach the participants how to become a high performance professional driven organization. The team(s) will be faced with the need to align their business and operational capabilities to changing market needs, reflecting the challenges facing many professional organizations.

About UP IN THE AIR™ simulation


Your team runs the world’s leading airline. Your task is to run the Business and Operations to make the company profitable. The market is highly competitive which forces the business to strategize, design new products, develop powerful marketing and sales initiatives and develop a high level of operating excellence. The operations team plays an important role in enabling the Business to achieve its strategic aims. Your challenge is to align yourself with the Business demands and organize your operational capabilities in such a way that Business can achieve its targets for increasing sales, lowering operational costs, increasing revenue and market share, and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The participants will play one or more of the following roles :
Business • Sales • Finance • Product & Marketing Manager • Roster • Dispatch Operations • Captain • First Officer

The game leader will play the roles of Compliance, Regulator and the CEO. During the reflection moments between the rounds, we will discuss Organization specific roles and responsibility, internal processes and tools for the actions performed in the simulation. We will discuss the leadership, management, communication and collaboration qualities required to become a success within the Organization.


  • The objective of the program is to provide a consistently friendly and informative experience for new hires and orient them to your organizations culture, mission and business objectives.
  • Participants must work as a team and apply core consulting and business skills to realize the value in customer delivery as well as achieving internal company objectives.
  • The game encourages new hires to face real time challenges in a virtual environment. Participants learn through interact – experience – explore in a risk-free environment, thus accelerating their learning curve.

Key Learnings and Takeaways

Setting up an organisation with the associated roles, tasks and responsibilities.

Learn how does Business strategize to cater to Market needs.

Learn managing multiple projects in the role of project manager. Plan operations with limited resources, employees, compliance requirements and projects.

Learn the RACI Matrix of Operations, Managers and Business in a project.

Learn fundamentals of project tracking with utilization and Profitability?

Learn the Key aspects of Project Planning.

Learn the key aspects in the Pre, During and Post-Project phase.

Learn how multiple teams benefit from following systematic internal process and knowledge base

Learn to handle emergency situations

Learn the Key requirements for business development?

Learn the critical success factors in a professional services firm.

Insight in the knowledge, skills for leadership, and collaboration.

Duration of the simulation : 1 day
Number of participants : 8 – 15
Basic expertise :  No basic knowledge