W YN, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, was founded in 2017 and through the efforts of its impressive team of creative, technical, and artistic talent, WYN quickly won recognition and awards for its unique learning offerings. Our highly immersive, dynamic and fun solutions links learning objectives to measurable performance outcomes.

WYN creates collaborative interactive learning solutions for organisations, higher education and corporate enterprises. Our team specialises in creating and delivering experiential learning and games-based learning paradigms to accelerate enterprise learning, deepens the development of technical and core skills , and reduce training costs.

WYN Team is dedicated to providing the appropriate learning solutions to support our client’s needs while maintaining the highest business standards and values at every level, providing the confidence of a stable corporate entity and a long-term training partner. We strive to listen to and understand our customers’ challenges in order to provide them with the right solutions that maximises the returns on their learning investments.

From game based business simulations to performing arts based learning techniques, WYN offers a wide spectrum of innovative learning solutions that changes the rules of engagement and experience…All this while having fun!


Make every customer successful 
The heart of our organization is our customers. We measure our success by the satisfaction and results of each and every one of our customers.

Create better realities through innovation 
At WYN, the phrase “has never been done before” serves as a challenge that we are always eager to accept.


Work and play as a team 
We are at our best when we are working as a team and having fun doing it. We have brilliant individuals, but our commitment is to the goals of the team first. We’re all here because we want to be part of THIS team making a difference for our customers.

Be easy to work with 
Whether it’s helping out a teammate or responding to a customer need, we communicate with openness, honesty, and empathy. We care about each other and our customers, and we’re always seeking out ways to listen and respond.

Fail fast, learn, then improve
We know we can only innovate if we’re willing to take chances. It’s okay to fail as long as we learn from the experience and quickly improve. We share our failures so we can all learn and help each other achieve success.

Our work is different because we are different.
We are a team of engineers, artists, game developers and entrepreneurs who are
passionate about delivering learning solutions that are impactful and fun.
Together we have 20+ years experience in gaming, consulting and industry and we call
ourselves WYNNERS ! ”


  • Top 10 for Smartprereneur 2.0, Dubai-2017
  • Top 3 for SAP Dubai Expo 2020 Hackathon-2017
  • Top 5 Top rated startups of all times-Women Startup Competition,-Europe-2017